How We Work Together -- Agreement Types


We offer planning, guidance, and development of TKa testing in pharmaceutical/biotech studies and clinical trials in four different agreement types. We would be happy to help you find the solution that best fits your needs.


Technology Evaluation Service Agreement (TESA)

A TESA is for pharmaceutical/biotech companies conducting studies in the early drug development phases, wishing to quickly evaluate our blood-based biomarker assay (DiviTum® TKa) to measure cell proliferation.


Master Service Agreement (MSA)

The MSA enables a smooth, efficient execution of multiple projects/services which accelerates the generation of predictive TKa data that can be included in pivotal studies.


CDx/Research Collaboration (CDxRC)

The CDxRC focuses on a more formal development collaboration with a pharmaceutical/biotech company where we customize our TKa assay to monitor Pharma’s specific drug.


CDx Product Agreement (CPA)

The CPA is used for the collaborative development, registration, and commercialization of a companion diagnostic assay (CDx) using the 510(k) cleared DiviTum® TKa assay.


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