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The DiviTum® TKa Blood Test: Monitoring Disease Progression

Studies in multiple cancers demonstrate that cancer cells release high levels of thymidine kinase (TK) into the bloodstream. Biovica’s DiviTum® TKa blood-based biomarker test measures TK activity (TKa), a marker of cell proliferation. Patients with high levels of TK activity in their blood have a worse prognosis and a high likelihood of progression. In the same way, patients with lower TKa have been shown to be associated with a low likelihood of imminent disease progression.

The DiviTum TKa test is FDA-cleared, and CE-IVD labeled in the EU and is used as an aid in monitoring disease progression by measuring the level of TK activity. The DiviTum TKa test is performed at Biovica’s CLIA-certified laboratory in San Diego and is being introduced in Europe as RUO for IVD applications.


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