DiviTum® TKa is a blood-based biomarker test that monitors and predicts treatment response in hormone receptor-positive metastatic breast cancer. The test measures thymidine kinase activity (TKa) which reflects cell proliferation.



Biovica is a Swedish biotech company founded in 2009, committed to developing and commercializing novel blood-based biomarker assays. Our initial focus is breast cancer, a disease responsible for over 685,000 deaths a year (BCRF, 2022). We work with leading cancer institutes, collaborative groups, and pharmaceutical companies on product development with the aim of improving outcomes and lowering costs.

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Next-level mBC Monitoring

DiviTum® TKa is an innovative tumor TK activity (TKa) profile test for early prognosis and prediction of metastatic breast cancer treatment outcomes in postmenopausal HR+ mBC patients.1-4


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TKa as a Biomarker

Learn more about what makes TKa an important oncology biomarker.

I am certain that the DiviTum TKa test will improve the care for many cancer patients.
Anders Rylander
CEO - Biovica


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