Pharma Companies Rely On Us

Our pharma partner team includes clinical-, regulatory-, technology-, and pharma-collaboration expertise; we are happy to share our knowledge.

Why do Pharma companies work with Biovica?

Our liquid (serum/plasma samples) TKa-biomarker assay measures thymidine kinase activity (TKa) which reflects tumor cell proliferation. The biomarker assay is used by pharma in the following ways:

  • TKa as a very potent biomarker in providing dose-response information and in use for dose optimization (Minimal Effective Dose Finding; FDA Project Optimus).
  • TKa for upfront selection of patients for a specific treatment.
  • TKa for early on-treatment monitoring and selection of patients for a specific treatment.
  • TKa for on-treatment monitoring of continued response to specific drug.

Our pharma-partner team has your needs in mind, offering services and collaborations in pre-clinical, clinical, and companion diagnostic (CDx) initiatives. The team includes clinical, regulatory, and technology expertise.

We focus on a complete assay system solution from laboratory workflow and assay robustness to assay distribution and support. Optimizing assay turn-around-time (TAT) and hands-on-time (HOT) as well as global registration and distribution are in our team’s DNA.

There are at least 4 different ways!

How can the DiviTum® TKa test be applied in your clinical study?

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